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OpsTel Services is a 100% operations focused SaaS & on premise software company that provides contact center operations solutions designed specifically for contact center operations experts. Genesys Verizon Avaya PPT Solutions Eventus Nice InContact Cisco CX19 CX20 Contact Center Operations Solutions Call Center Solutions  After decades of leadership experience directing contact centers across multiple Fortune 1000 enterprises, we understand how to handle the constant demands and dynamic challenges that are required to operate at peak performance.  With that in mind, we focus on solving business problems, generating greater efficiencies and savings, while reducing risk and ensuring compliance in today's ever changing environments. Let us help you achieve maximum results out of your contact center operations environment by leveraging the latest technology in advanced automation and agent configuration orchestration. OpsTel Services is revolutionizing the way companies control costs associated with software asset management, profile identity provisioning, and proactive skills management. With thought leadership and innovation, we have created a solution suite that seamlessly integrates into the administrative functions of the point solutions that enable the contact center. We enhance the operations staff's ability to quickly react to the dynamic challenges of running a large scale contact center operation.  OpsTel Services has created various tools that seamlessly integrate into the existing applications running contact center enterprises. Our industry leading automation technology will save your company time and money. Automated Agent Profile Provisioning & Configuration Management. Automated Agent Skills Configuration Management. Accelerate profile skill configuration management operations with the temporary skills and configuration override capabilities. Diagnostic Compliance & Auditing Solution Call center solutions. Agent reskilling. Platform data transformation. Genesys. COVID-19 Call Center Solution. Rapid on-boarding/off-boarding/maintenancetoolset (PLUS™)is used to bring agents on-board across all platforms within 5 to 10-minutes. When the issue is over – we leverage the deactivate or delete function to pull them out of the environment once the event has ended. If they are regular employees, the deactivate function allows them to stay in the system, but they are not active. If a future event occurs, we can immediately pull them back into service. Also accommodates union requirements. Leveraging our audit and compliance toolset (VIEW™) to ensure profile accuracy across all platforms, anomaly identification and correction, resolution tracking, etc. Enterprise wide profile audits can be done in 10-minutes or less. Contact centers are experiencing more challenges than ever due to the high call volumes generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now, organizations are scrambling to figure out how to stay ahead of the influx. Our research indicates that contact center operational areas are realizing that leveraging old or basic methodologies / technologies are proving to be too expensive, low performing and are not getting the job done during these times. Data manipulation toolset (Transceiver™) to ensure that data is correctly and regularly transposed between dissimilar systems. Example: HR data transposed to work with WFM or other reporting systems. Heavy burst of traffic into thecall center with not enough agents. Unions, compliance, regulatory, data integrity while adding all the agents & moving them around. Ensuring data integrity between platforms to meet compliance, regulatory, etc. Add head count to support increased call volumes. Some entities are choosing to hire new people while others are looking to leverage existing employees from other areas (regular employees and BPO’s). Rapid temporary reskilling toolset (SPEED™) with scheduled auto-revert, is leveraged to move stranded agent capacity into queue within 1-minute. Market leading capability with auto-revert feature that can be scheduled/timed making it no touch. Saving 50% in labor! Also, leveraged to move contact center agents between groups/organizations to support call volumes. 

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capabilities. Diagnostic Compliance & Auditing Solution

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