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Leveraging existing technology solutions to optimize the management of your contact center operation

PROBLEM: Every time a new software is recommended by someone from the business or contact center operations, the IT organization has to spend time evaluating. The evaluations usually require a costly and time consuming effort that takes technical manpower we can't afford and months to validate. The results that come from most of these evaluations usually require a substantial investment in people, additional server technology and more.

These demands put a huge burden on the contact center IT support team. It disrupts our current and ongoing workflow and causes us to overwork our staff or miss our pre-committed promised deadlines.

SOLUTION: The OpsTel SPEED™ software currently leverages existing platforms like Cisco, Genesys and NICE CXone to name a few. The out of the box, feature rich product can be turned up in days with minimal training required. These applications are implemented into production grade test labs or production environments.


- Eliminates long and costly deployments

- Minimizes the demands on IT to support contact center operations

- Empower Call Taker organizations to take control of their technical environments with built in user access controls

- Provides detailed audit trail reporting

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