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How to manage call takers without a workforce management application

PROBLEM: My Call Takers do not have the ability to manage their own schedule. Every time the Call Takers want to change their schedule and/or change the types of calls they take, they have to request their manager to make the changes in the system. These are arduous tasks that take time and effort for Operations Managers to implement and track.

SOLUTION: The OpsTel SPEED™ software allows the Call Takers or their Management Staff to make all these changes on their own. In addition, SPEED™ notifies the user of the changes that have been made to their schedule and/or their skills configuration. An added bonus, OpsTel SPEED™ automatically returns all temporary changes back to their original configuration after the temporary scheduled changes have expired.


- Immediate relief on the managers by not requiring them to make changes

- Corresponding increase in manager productivity doing more valuable tasks

- Improvement in relationship between Call Takers and managers

- Immediate improvement in the inbound calling "customer" experience

- Call Takers have direct control over the technology that manages their call routing

- Audit trail tracking

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