Juergen Tolksdorf

August 28, 2018

Overcome Call Center Challenges With Agent Profile Data

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business operations and technology functions. Voila! OpsTel Services was born. A combination of two 
words— Operational and Intelligence—OpsTel was founded with a singular focus on improving contact 
center efficiencies and enabling synergies between technology and operations to enhance the 
customer experience.

A major breakthrough for the company was their custom operational intelligence tool developed for a 

U.S. healthcare provider with a large- scale contact center operation. The multifaceted tool 
included not only OpsTel’s foundational operational intelligence but also an automation capability 
that would take the operations to the next level. OpsTel created a tool that enabled the client to 
automatically provision managed contact center

agent profiles across their solution stack through an integrated user portal system. This was seven 
years ago when OpsTel went live with 150 agent profiles and had less than ten user administrators. 
Fast forward to today, OpsTel now looks into 13,000 employee profiles and has over 1,000

administrators utilizing their application to manage the entire enterprise.

Harnessing Every Bit of Performance

With a sharp focus on software asset management, profile identity

provisioning, and proactive skills management, OpsTel has developed a powerful contact center 
solution suite. It integrates with the administrative functions and manages different environments 
to improve data handling along with highly visual, automated measures and metrics. “In the wake

of the ever-changing trends and introduction of newer technologies in the contact center industry, 
the operations teams require to adapt quickly. Organizations may have the best-in-class intelligent 
call routing technology, however, transforming obsolete versions of their workforce management 
solution diminishes the

benefits of these technologies,” reveals Prinke, co-founder and CIO, OpsTel. While a highly siloed 
data environment adds to the complexities in managing and administering data, contact centers need 
to adapt and be flexible to address newer technologies and the associated integrations.

“Our tools and services provide an integrated view of performance metrics specific to an individual 
and his job responsibility,” explains Prinke. OpsTel’s solutions are built from the ground up to 
enable agile operations. “Our application- agnostic solution enables high levels of integration 
across systems in our client’s contact center environment, regardless of whether it is cloud-based 
or on- premise,” he adds.

The Power of Operational Intelligence

OpsTel’s contact center suite of offerings comprises three modular solutions:


the skills configuration management solution that provides a broad, top- down view of employees’ 
profiles across the enterprise with an added feature

to handle unplanned and unforeseen events in contact center operations. It allows scheduling both 
future and temporary changes in the agent state,

which auto-revert to the original state when scheduled time expires. Through  a single interface, 
SPEED supercharges the operations staff’s ability to react quickly to service level fluctuations. 
The solution optimizes the way operational staff painstakingly searches for the last percentages of 
stranded capacity. It leverages automation techniques that

reduce the possibility of human error and speeds up decision-making on the fly.

When it comes to diagnostics, extracting and validating different employee profile data residing on 
a client’s existing point solution

applications that enable agents to take calls is time-consuming. OpsTel’s VIEW is a profile 
diagnostic, validation, and auditing solution that can be hosted

on cloud or on-premise. VIEW allows clients to see what they may have missed in the past with 
auditing capabilities that provide diagnostic information in 10 minutes or less! It analyzes 
profile, skill configuration, reporting data,

and hierarchical and organizational information in the environment to ensure all identity profiles 
are accurate, licensed, and compliant. In the case of an anomaly in reporting data, the solution 
prompts users to take the necessary action and maintain compliance. Clients have the benefit of an 
offline, non- intrusive way to view the environment. They can leverage OpsTel’s automated auditing 
system to detect mistakes and make corrections while also identifying possibilities for saving 

At OpsTel we pride ourselves in providing our clients what they need from our tools to drive 
important business decisions

Tony DeGaetano

Co-Founder and CEO